Hi I'm Chalais!

A little about me.
I’m a school counselor turned photographer. I studied Psychology at Indiana University and went on to earn a Masters in School Counseling from Butler. You may be wondering how this path would ever lead me to photography, but after six years working as a counselor, it actually makes perfect sense!

At it’s core, photography really is all about people. Even if your photos aren’t always of people, at the very least they are for them. Capturing the true essence and love of the people I photograph is the most rewarding thing for me. I’m passionate about helping others, and through photography I’ve been able to encourage people to really open up and share their stories.

Before something great happens, everything falls apart.

In 2017 my whole world fell apart.

After battling breast cancer on and off for several years, my mother passed away, and I was suddenly left without the most important person in my life. To call this loss devastating would be an understatement. My mom was a truly wonderful woman who never stopped encouraging me to follow my passions. So to cope with the grief I turned to my camera. It became my therapy, my outlet and honestly my saving grace. Finding healing in the darkest moments made me realize I could piece together all of the aspects that felt broken and create a different, even more meaningful version of my future.

Since I started Chalais Randle photography I’ve been signing all my photos and posts with “xo”, just like my mother did. It’s my subtle way of sharing her inspiration and love with all of you, through my work.

People are at their most beautiful when they forget there’s a camera watching.

Behind the lens
As a people-focused photographer, I believe the whole experience should feel relaxed and fun for you and your family. I’m most inspired when I take photos of people in an environment that feels natural to them. Whether your comfort zone is a bright and sunny field, a moody woods or even the big city, I’m always up to the challenge of a fun new location. My goal is to capture the beautiful moments of your life, both big and small, and give you memories you can cherish forever.

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